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  Talents is a Chinese company that design, manufacture and supply a range of manual/electric/pneumatic/hydraulic operated telescopic masts and lifting devices that made of aluminum alloy tube, stainless steel tube, fiberglass tube and carbon fiber tube.
  Talents was founded in 1995, since then we focus on offering customers high quality, durable, applied and economic masts.23 years of our specialized knowledge and experience of the telescopic mast technology allows us to effectively supply the solutions and designing for the OEM/ODM and after-sale services of the mast to meet our customer's needs, whilst ensuring that we are achieving maximum efficiency and output at the same time.We are serving our long-term customers from the five Continents and the four Oceans.
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Pneumatic Telescopic Mast

motorized Telescopic Mast

Manual Telescopic Mast

Fiberglass-Carbon Telescopic Mast

DOT LPG Gas Cylinder

Small Brazed Gas Cylinder

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